Teo Armus

Teo Armus explores the world one article at a time.

Armus, a 21-year-old Columbia University student, began immersing himself in journalism at his New York high school. There, he found that he prefers reporting to creative writing.

“What I really love about journalism is the fact that with every story, every assignment, you really have the opportunity to experience an entirely new group of people,” he said. “Really just immerse yourself in a new world.”

Through journalism, Armus hopes to open the worlds and experiences of others. He hopes to bring his own perspective — that of a New Yorker, the son of Argentine immigrants, and a Latino — to issues related to underrepresented communities.

– Elizabeth Campos

Controversy with CCNMA casts shadow over NAHJ board elections

After several days of friction between two of the most powerful Latino journalism organizations in the country, a new board of directors tasked with the stewardship of a planned partnership between NAHJ and CCNMA will assemble on the last day of the 2017 convention.

NAHJ members confront board about finances, CCNMA friction

NAHJ members questioned board members on Saturday about the organization’s finances and called on leaders to quit fighting over a controversial merger with CCNMA.

CCNMA email to NAHJ members urges continued partnership between organizations

The email may have raised more questions than it answered about the CCNMA-NAHJ split.

Chicano journalist group won’t present prestigious awards at NAHJ convention following controversy

The California Chicano News Media Association said it would no longer present the prestigious Ruben Salazar Journalism Awards during the National Association of Hispanic Journalism’s annual conference.

Merger between Latino journalism groups NAHJ, CCNMA at risk

An unexpected vote at the NAHJ board meeting may jeopardize a planned partnership with the California Chicano News Media Association.