Tomas A. Rodriguez

Tomas Rodriguez is a first-generation college student at Cal State Northridge with a passion for storytelling and a deep enthusiasm for shoe-leather, on the ground reporting.

He’s native of Koreatown in Los Angeles, and describes himself as a proud Chicano with Oaxacan roots. He first developed an appreciation for journalism while traveling and capturing moments through a camera lens.

Rodriguez loves print and broadcast journalism, and he wants to be adept in both platforms. He is the editor of El Nuevo Sol, his school’s Spanish language newspaper, and also learning how to produce videos.

If it’s anything to do with sports, Rodriguez is into it. On his favorite days, he’s at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium.

His role models include his professor, Jose Luis Benavidez, who has mentored him since he began attending college, and Los Angeles Times reporter Ruben Vives, an immigrant who became a U.S. citizen in high school and went from being a copy editor to the winner of a Pulitzer Prize.

Rodriguez will be one of 11 students covering the 2017 Excellence in Journalism Conference for the Latino Reporter.

— Chelsea Moreno

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