Xochitl Abarca

Xochitl Abarca is passionate about human rights.

A journalism student with a minor in communications at Cal State Long Beach, Abarca lives in Santa Ana.

“I chose to study journalism because I like books and write, and my passion is activism and human rights, especially the right to women and the community LGBTQ community,” Abarca says. “The most recent work is on the sanctuary cities and the immigrant community.”

Her parents were not immediately thrilled with the idea of her starting a career in journalism, she said. They wanted her to become a doctor or a business manager, but that all changed when Abarca began interning at Fusion and Univision. Her parents realized that writing is her passion.

Her journalistic passion goes beyond a four-year degree. Abarca plans to continue her studies and go to grad school where she plans to continue studying journalism or communication.

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