The 2017 NAHJ Student Projects Class

Controversy with CCNMA casts shadow over NAHJ board elections

After several days of friction between two of the most powerful Latino journalism organizations in the country, a new board of directors tasked with the stewardship of a planned partnership between NAHJ and CCNMA will assemble on the last day of the 2017 convention.

Periodista mexicana: Mi carrera me pone en peligro

La seguridad que se vive en México es agravante para los periodistas. Reportar la verdad puede ser una sentencia de muerte.

NAHJ members confront board about finances, CCNMA friction

NAHJ members questioned board members on Saturday about the organization’s finances and called on leaders to quit fighting over a controversial merger with CCNMA.

NAHJ changes scholarship program, confusing some

NAHJ’s scholarship program led college students to think that the organization would help them pay for tuition. Instead, they were flown to Anaheim.

VIDEO: In the workplace, people of color reach for cultural touchstones

People of color share cultural markers they use to remind them of their heritage. They’re confidence-boosters in predominantly white work spaces.

From political junkie to White House correspondent, Jim Acosta doesn’t hold back

He’s the type of journalist who asks tough questions to your face. “Why can’t we take out these bastards?” he once asked President Barack Obama, referring to the terrorist group

Journalists absorb trauma from the events they cover. Here’s how some cope

For many journalists thrust into the emotional turmoil of terrorist attacks, war zones, natural disasters — or everyday crime and destruction — one of the most challenging parts of the job can be dealing with the trauma of others.

How journalists tackle storm reporting

Journalists tackle the emotional toll of covering natural disasters.

Latino voters’ impact remains unclear nearly a year after 2016 election

With the 2018 mid-term elections a little more than a year away, the impact of the Latino vote remains uncertain.

Organizaciones de defensa a inmigrantes: Conozca sus derechos; no viva en temor

Cada lágrima que caía sobre el rostro de Ana representa la preocupación que viven muchos inmigrantes. “Tenemos miedo de abrir las puertas de la casa, de salir a las calles

CCNMA email to NAHJ members urges continued partnership between organizations

The email may have raised more questions than it answered about the CCNMA-NAHJ split.

Trump’s DACA decision throws NAHJ members into limbo

If Congress doesn’t keep the DACA program from dissolving, some “DACA-mented” convention go-ers are at greater risk of deportation.

VIDEO: One journalist’s quest for a job

Finding a job is every recent graduate dream. In an industry like journalism, where the supply is higher than the demand this could be a difficult challenge.

Female freelancers consider their own safety after Kim Wall disappearance, death

The story of Wall’s death and disappearance is a cautionary tale for female freelancers.

Journalists discuss best practices for pressing Trump on public records

Investigative reporters share their secrets to help journalists press authorities on answering public records requests.

Books often target white readers. These publishers want to change that

Diversity is often lacking in the book world, so one author, along with some publishers and librarians, are trying to bring a more multicultural approach to publishing.

This Houston mosque gives Latino Muslims a home

Latinos make up a small but growing percentage of the American Muslim population and mosques are finding ways to make them feel welcome.

Hurricane forces changes to San Antonio Hispanic journalist group elections

Due to scheduling changes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists’ is asking members to vote online about scholarship question.

The border shaped his work: Lalo Alcaraz reflects on life, Latinidad and his biting humor

Growing up as a self-described “poor, brown kid” in San Diego, Lalo Alcaraz heard the insults — heard that being Mexican was “the lowest thing possible.”

Bridging the gap: How race plays into parenting

One in every seven babies born in 2015 were multiracial and of those, 42 percent had one Hispanic and one white parent.

Ruben Vives

From copy boy to Pulitzer Prize winner; Ruben Vives’ path to success

The word had just leaked out in the Los Angeles Times newsroom. Everyone gathered around to hear the news. There was champagne ready to be poured. Then word finally came

NAHJ to descend on “gateway to the Americas” in 2018

This year’s NAHJ National Convention has barely started but 2018 plans are already underway.

Chicano journalist group won’t present prestigious awards at NAHJ convention following controversy

The California Chicano News Media Association said it would no longer present the prestigious Ruben Salazar Journalism Awards during the National Association of Hispanic Journalism’s annual conference.

Maria de los Angeles Flores

NAHJ and UTEP launch survey measuring Latino job satisfaction

The University of Texas at El Paso and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists launched a survey to measure job satisfaction among Latino journalists.

Merger between Latino journalism groups NAHJ, CCNMA at risk

An unexpected vote at the NAHJ board meeting may jeopardize a planned partnership with the California Chicano News Media Association.

A notorious LA gang nearly ruined this teen’s life. He’s taking it back.

When Jose joined a street gang in Los Angeles, he just wanted to chill but he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

In Santa Ana, police help youth fight obesity and street gangs

There are two life-threatening crises facing children in the largely Hispanic city of Santa Ana: high obesity rates and pervasive street gangs.

Locatora Radio podcast tackles taboo of mental illness among Latinos

They call themselves locas, these two Latinas from Los Angeles, who hope to change the way people talk about mental health issues.

Welcome to Anaheim

What else is there to Anaheim besides Disney? A whole lot more.