NAHJ to descend on “gateway to the Americas” in 2018

This year’s NAHJ National Convention has barely started but 2018 plans are already underway.

Board members picked Miami as the host city next year, expected to take place from July 18th to the 21st.

“Miami is, in many ways, the gateway to the Americas as they say,” NAHJ Executive Director Alberto Mendoza said. “Bringing together all of the Hispanic journalists from across the country and bringing journalists from South and Central America and Mexico together, it’s going to be an opportunity to do something very special.”

The International Training Conference and Career Fair will emphasize training to help journalists improve their skills and learn about new industry trends in two languages.

“We are shifting to make sure we are providing more hands-on skill development and training,” said Mendoza. “We are committed to doing 35 to 40 percent of the sessions also in Spanish so that allows people to have that kind of content for those who are working in those markets.”

Miami’s multiculturalism will also provide opportunities to learn from the differents facets of the diverse Latino community, Mendoza said.

“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate what Latino journalists are doing but also bring attention to some of the challenges Latino journalists are facing in other parts of the world,” he said

NAHJ is the sole sponsor of the convention, though officials say they are open to other journalism organizations jumping in. The organization will reveal its logo for the conference at Saturday’s Hall of Fame Gala in Anaheim.

Isabel Sanchez

Isabel Sanchez

Isabel Sanchez has wanted to be a journalist since her youth.

Today, Sanchez is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at Syracuse University in upstate New York. There she is learning about more than the craft of news writing — she is also learning about American culture.

Originally from Venezuela, Sanchez studied at the Rafael Belloso Chacín in Maracaibo and worked at a local television station before coming to the United States when she was 23.

Sanchez prefers to tell stories with video, which, she said, is the best way to capture someone’s attention.

Her dream job is to be an international news correspondent that will allow her to continue traveling, as she has done for much of her life. Sanchez has previously made stops throughout Latin America, including Argentina and Colombia.

Prior to coming to Anaheim, she had an internship in Providence, Rhode Island, with local news station, WPRI.

Tomas Rodriguez

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