Gente de NAHJ: Estefania Mitre knows you need a break from the daily news grind

Estefania Mitre, visuals and social producer from National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., poses for a portrait at the NABJ-NAHJ Convention and Career Fair in Las Vegas, Nev., on Friday, August 05, 2022. Mitre ran for general at-large officer. DAYANA VILLANUEVA/THE LATINO REPORTER

Estefania Mitre wants you to take a break from the heaviness of the daily news cycle.

The National Public Radio producer comes from the borderland region of El Paso, Texas-Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where life moves at a different pace in her adopted city of Washington, D.C. At work, she focuses on a wide range of news: from working on breaking news stories around the world to photographing NPR’s beloved Tiny Desk Concert series.

She pitched NPR on the idea of digital shorts — miniature videos that can be used to convey information in areas of news, lifestyle, music or arts programming.

Mitre said she feels empowered to pitch different and creative topics that may otherwise go overlooked, and hopes her work can give people a place to pause from the daily grind.

“We can talk about Cholitas and like the art of wrestling that is happening in Latin America,” Mitre said. “Now a lot of people have heard about that because usually what you see from Latin America is like murder or awful things.”

Dayana Villanueva graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in economics from New Mexico State University. She reports in English and Spanish and focuses primarily on social issues, such as asylum-seekers in the U.S.-Mexico border. Reach her at dpva228 [at] nmsu [dot] edu and on Twitter @DayanaViar.

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