Gente de NAHJ: Austin Martinez is ready to fight for diversity in her student newsroom

Austin Martinez reads a copy of her student newspaper, The Daily Texan, where she works as a general news reporter. PHOTO COURTESY JOSE ARREDONDO

Austin Martinez is more determined than ever to change the lack of diversity at The Daily Texan, her student newsroom in Austin. And attending the NABJ-NAHJ convention has taught her that she shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

Listen to Martinez talk about learning to advocate for her community:

Maria Ramos-Pacheco is a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso, where she will soon serve as editor-in-chief for the school’s magazine, Minero. She previously was editor-in-chief for The College Voice from Mercer County Community College, and she has also been a contributor for UTEP’s newspaper, The Prospector. Reach her at mgramospach [at] miners [dot] utep [dot] edu and on Twitter @Lupsramoss.

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