Gente de NAHJ: Family restaurant continues to thrive after Isaias, says co-owner Sergio Higuera Dominguez

WASHINGTON, NC – Tropical storms are no stranger to eastern North Carolina. However, Isaias came at a time when several businesses in downtown Washington are struggling to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as through ongoing road construction on their main street.

Sergio Higuera Dominguez, co-owner and manager of Angi’s Mexican Kitchen, is grateful for community support.

Sergio Higuera Dominguez, co-owner and manager of Angi’s Mexican Kitchen, said, “We’re just grateful, really, that people (are) still coming in to support us during these times,” after seeing the Isaias’ impact in Beaufort County.

The day after the storm, Dominguez and his family woke up to a power outage in his home. Worried it could affect the family’s business, Dominguez quickly checked if the restaurant was okay. Thankfully, Angi’s did not lose power or receive any damage from the storm, Dominguez said.

As the week continued, it seems like Isaias was just a typical storm to overcome. The power came back on at Dominguez’s house. At Angi’s, customers continue to dine-in, order takeout and enjoy the comida Sinaloense that the restaurant is known for.

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