NAHJ President speaks to Latino Reporter

Hugo Balta, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, spoke to the Latino Reporter Thursday to address questions related to this year’s Excellence in Journalism conference.

NAHJ President Hugo Balta answers questions from The Latino Reporter’s team of journalists during the Excellence in Journalism Conference in San Antonio on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. The press conference is the first of its kind in years. (Latino Reporter/Marie D. De Jesus)

Among the issues discussed: heightened security at this year’s convention, a revamping of the Student Project, and the organization’s decision to return a donation to Fox News over racially charged language used by Fox News host Todd Starnes.

Balta fielded questions about the year-long investigation into sexual harassment allegations that were levied against the Student Project, but declined to comment on the results because he said it had not been released yet.

He said the Student Project will be augmented with a nine month fellowship that will include scholarships, training and professional development, and visits to NAHJ student chapters as ambassadors.

Excerpts from Balta’s conversations:

Why is there more security at the 2019 EIJ conference?

Why did NAHJ rescind its Fox News sponsorship?

Why is it so hard for people to accept the growth of Latino influence?

What is the mission of the Student Project?

How is the Student Project being revamped?

Cheyenne Darcy Amaya is pursuing a master’s degree in broadcast journalism at Boston University and interning as a production assistant for The Rachel Maddow Show. She hopes to one day work for NBC and eventually have her own late-night talk show. Reach her at and on Twitter at @DarcyAmaya_TV.

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